How to Submit

So, you want to submit to Bartleby? That's great! We love reading and reviewing the wide variety of submissions UMBC's student authors and artists have to offer. We accept Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Visual Art submissions. There is no limit to how many pieces you can submit per year. Feel free to submit as many pieces, in as many categories, as you desire. However, in order for your submissions to be reviewed and accepted, you MUST adhere to the guidelines detailed below. Bartleby reserves the right to refuse a submission if the responsible author or artist fails to adhere to these guidelines.

1. We will ONLY accept electronic submissions. To submit to us electronically, send your submission(s) via email to and, if possible, send all submissions from your UMBC email account.If you are submitting a written piece, it must be submitted to us in a Word Document AND as an attachment. We WILL NOT accept documents written out in the body of the email or in any format other than Microsoft Word. Additionally, attachments exceeding 10 MB in size will not be accepted. If you are submitting artwork, it must be in JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF format and each peice must be less than 8 MB.

2.You can only submit one submission per attachment. If you include several submissions in a single Word Document, even short pieces such as poems, we WILL NOT accept your submissions. However, you may put several attachments in a single email, and while not required, we do prefer this.

3. For reasons of unbiased review, your name and contact information should not appear ANYWHERE on your work. The only exception is with respect to artwork signatures.

4. The name of your file attachment should be the same as the name of your piece or submission. You should not use file names such as "BartlebySubmission," "Submission2," or "Poem" UNLESS you want your piece to be published under that title. Along similar lines, you name, initials, and/or contact info should NOT be included as part of your file name.

5.The subject line of your email should be the category to which you are submitting (i.e. Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, or Visual Art). Or, for early submissions by e-mail (submissions before each fall semester and after the journal has been published in the spring), please use the subject line "EARLY SUBMISSION." In the body of your email, you MUST include your full name, permanent (and, if applicable, campus) address, cell phone number, and UMBC e-mail address. You should also include the names of any and all submissions attached to the email, so that it is easy for us to search through submissions later on and locate your piece. Finally, if their are any peculiarities of your piece that we should make note of for the sake of our reviewing staff, mention it in your email as well.

6.Keep in mind that you can only submit if you are a CURRENT student of UMBC. Both graduate and undergraduate students may submit to us, but alumni and faculty or staff cannot.

7.Each year, we select one outstanding piece in each category to be dubbed our Annual Award Winner and the authors/artists responsible for said pieces receive a $100 cash prize. All students are eligible to win the cash prize with two exceptions. You cannot receive the cash prize if (a) you are a Bartleby Staff Member or (b)you are graduating in December the semester prior to when we publish the journal. However, you can still submit to the journal and be included in it, even if you are ineligible for a cash prize.

8. All poetry and fiction pieces submitted to us are automatically placed in the running for a Braly Award, one of many distinguished English Departmental Awards. For more details on this award, visit the following link:

9. Please, following the submission of pieces, check your email throughout December and January on a daily basis. If your piece has been selected for inclusion in the journal, you will be sent several important emails pertaining to the copy editing process and your involvement in it. Failure to respond to these emails within a reasonable time frame may force us to publish a back-up piece, so be sure to place any and all deadlines we send you on your calendar. If you are studying abroad and may lack access to the internet for a while, let us know in advance. We will be a lot more willing to grant deadline leeway in advance of a deadline than after it.

10. Review the Copyright Issues section of our website. Submitting to Bartleby constitutes your acceptance and agreement with the terms described there.For category specific guidelines & rules, see below.


   1. Each poem must be no longer than 40 lines.
   2. Submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word.

   Note: Narrative poems exceeding 40 lines may be submitted as works of "Fiction."

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction

   1. Each work must be no longer than 10,000 words.
   2. Submit your work double-spaced, please.
   3. Submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word
   4. If you wish to remain anonymous, should your nonfiction piece be selected for
      publication,simply say so in your submission email. We need to know who you are when
      you submit, in order to confirm that you are a current UMBC student and in order to
      offer you potential prize money. However, you may publish your work under a Pen Name
      or as "Anonymous" if you wish. 


   1. Artwork must have resolution of 300 x 300 or higher/must be ATLEAST 300dpi, NO EXCEPTIONS! We cannot print images less than 300 dpi.
   2. Works may not exceed 8.5 x 11 inches.
   3. Artwork that is received electronically must be in JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF format and
      each peice must be less than 8 MB.

How to check if your image is 300dpi:

On a Mac: Open your image in Preview, then go to Tools>Show Inspector, or hit Cmd-i. "Image dpi" must be atleast 300.
On a PC: Right click on your image file and click Properties. Click on the Summary Tab then >Advanced. The listings for "Horizontal Resolution" and "Vertical Resolution" must both be 300 or greater.

Submission guidelines are subject to change.